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As I have become more experienced as a marbler I’ve started looking at what others are doing world-wide to look for ideas about what I might do. Where do I look? is great – put “marbling” or “ebru” (Turkish work for marbling) into the search engine. Then you can keep a board of what you like – it is useful to see how others use color as well as looking at the patterns others have developed. This works for other platforms as well.
What are you trying to do is to work on identifying the names of marblers who are doing interesting work so that you can look them up on other platforms — Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
Some names to get you started are: Chena River Marblers, Studio Robert Wu, Diane Maurer, and Barb Skoog

Looking at other people’s work can inspire you. I spend a lot of time looking to see if I can figure out how certain patterns were done or to discover new color combinations. You know they say copying is the sincerest form of flattery. Over time you will make changes and use your own color palate to make your creations yours alone.

Some international marblers to explore are:

Pernille Snedker Hansen (Denmark) Also see the YouTube video,

Karli Frigge (The Netherlands) Search her name and then look at the images

Renato Crepaldi (Brazil)

And to move into another very different kind of marbling, Ebru or Turkish marbling (they use watercolor paint and their designs are very ritualized according to Regina and Dan St. John)


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